Terms and Conditions

Auchenblae & District Community Association Scottish Charity Number SC026926Terms & Conditions of Hire (March 2015)

1. Public Entertainment Licence (PEL)

2. Hirer

All conditions attached to the granting of the hall’s PEL shall be observed. The PEL conditions are displayed on the Notice Board. The Hirer shall not be under 18 years of age and shall be on the premises for the entire period of the hire. They shall not be engaged in any activities which prevent them from exercising general supervision duties. The Hirer will not use the premises for unlawful, vulgar or unauthorised purposes including events involving hypnotism. The Hirer must not bring into the hall anything that might jeopardise the normal insurance cover of the building or the general public. The Hirer will be responsible for the behaviour of all persons (whatever their capacity) using the premises.

3. Premises

The Hirer will, during the period of hire, be solely responsible for the supervision of the premises including the care & safety from damage of any part of the building and contents. The Hirer must advise the committee of, any damage done to the building or contents during, or as a result of, the hire and will compensate the committee for the cost to repair any damage. Any hall contents temporarily moved must be returned to their usual positions or storage areas.

The Hirer will be responsible for leaving the premises, tables and surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition, especially sweeping the Hall and checking toilets. Cleaning equipment is provided in the hall. The Hirer is responsible for removing all recyclables (See Notice Board) from the premises.

• The hall must be vacated by the public by 01:00 (am), unless an appropriate licence has been granted for a later finish.

  • Licensed events must stop at the stated time on the licence, clearing up time is allowed.
  • Hirers shall ensure necessary measures to prevent statutory nuisance including noise nuisance to neighbouring occupiers of the premises are taken. Hirers are requested to be mindful of this at all times
  • The key should be collected from an authorised key holder and returned as soon as possible after the hire period. Should a key be lost the Hirer will be liable for the cost of its replacement.

4. Inspection/Responsibility

The hall must be inspected by the Hirer prior to the admission of the public. A checklist is provided for the Hirers convenience and should be retained by them in case of examination. Obstructions must not be placed in gangways or exits, nor in front of any emergency exits, cars shall not be parked so as to cause an obstruction at the entrance to, or exits from, the hall and the outside storm (main) door should remain open whilst the public are within the building.

Where practicable, the public should be advised of emergency exits/procedures prior to the commencement of an event/ performance. The hirer should adhere to the recommended seating/ set up plans and to the seating spacing as indicated on the Notice Board. The public should be evacuated if the main lighting fails.

5. Insurance

Organised groups are responsible for their own public liability insurance.

6. Alcohol, Fire Safety, Stewards & First Aiders

Alcohol may only be sold on the premises if the Hirer has obtained an Occasional Licence or Permission for the Sale of Alcohol. The Hirer shall be responsible for all behaviour arising out of the use of alcohol within the premises. With respect to nearby residents’, consumption of alcohol outside the Hall is discouraged.

A copy of the fire procedures is provided under separate cover. The Hirer must familiarise themselves with these and ensure that the conditions/procedures are applied.

All public events require stewarding. The numbers required are shown on the Notice Board. Attendants/Stewards should be identifiable by the public at all times and be conversant with all fire procedures. For other general stewarding duties, please see the Notice Board.

Where events involve the young, the elderly or the vulnerable, then additional stewards should be considered by the Hirer. In addition, for all events where alcohol is being served, a steward at the door will be required. Additional duties for this door steward shall include the removal of drinks from any user leaving the hall with the intent to return (eg for smokers leaving the building with the intent to return). Where required, this may be provided by a Professional Doorman (at the Hirer’s own cost).

Public events are required to have a trained First Aider who holds an appropriate current certificate issued by a recognised body.

7. First Aid

A First Aid Kit is available to all users of the premises. It is located in the kitchen on the wall beside the emergency exit. The committee secretary must be informed of any accidents or injury occurring on the premises or if any items from the first aid kit are used or removed.

8. Numbers

The Hirer must observe Fire & Local Authority Regulations.

Guidelines for the suggested maximum number of persons attending functions are as follows:

Main Hall




33 (Seated only)

Main Hall


Band Nights



Dance/ Disco (some seating)



Seated Meal



If using the balcony area the Hirer is responsible for ensuring the safety of those upstairs.

9. Storage/ Property, Electricity

Permission must be obtained before goods or equipment are left or stored in the hall for any period. All equipment must be stored neatly in the location allocated. The committee accepts no liability for loss or damage to any such equipment. Likewise, the committee cannot accept responsibility for damage to, or loss or theft of, any property and effects in the hall.

Hirers are required to note electricity readings before and after the period of hire (and any setting up period) in the file provided and must ensure that all electrical appliances are turned off before vacating the premises. The hirer will be responsible for any units incurred due to them leaving appliances turned on. Units will be charged at the current rate. The meter is in the cupboard in the vestibule at the main entrance.

10. Consideration

All users of the hall should be mindful of local residents with regard to noise and disturbance.

11. Setting Up/ Deposit/ Cancellation/ Refusal

Setting up periods are possible only by prior arrangement, it cannot be guaranteed and the hiring out of the hall will take precedence at all times. The committee reserves the right to require a deposit for the hire of the Hall. In exceptional circumstances the committee can cancel a let without any warning. The Committee has sole and absolute right to refuse to hire the hall. Dates cancelled with less

than one months notice are liable to a cancellation fee, 50% of hire fee is usual.

Auchenblae Village Hall is a NO SMOKING PREMISES


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