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We would encourage you to advertise any public event you have booked at the Hall or locally. If you wish to advertise your event, in the hall or some other location please fill out the event form. Please check the date you want is free and book the hall by using the hall booking system.

If your event is a multi-date event, it is possible to book more than one date at a time.

Bookings made for the Village Hall are not automatically added to the What’s On section of the site and the site’s calendar. This is because of the need for privacy for some bookings.

Have you registered as a blae member if not we recommend you do so and login before you fill out this form so you can update any changes and control bookings.

Of course you can fill it in as a guest if you want to .

Please be aware all event requests are vetted before they get posted .

Also please ensure that the dates are available and you have booked and received conformation on the hall booking section before advertising an event in the hall .




  1. Gilly Gilly
    March 23, 2015    

    Wanted to add our NNS as an event but don’t seem to be able to?

    • admin admin
      March 23, 2015    

      could you be more specific , what’s not working?

  2. Friends of Oaps Auchenblae Christmas Group Friends of Oaps Auchenblae Christmas Group
    March 23, 2015    

    Trying to book the dates we already have in the book with Tracey. we have the 13th /14th December fully booked hall for these dates for christmas oaps party.Not showing on hall bookings.

    • admin admin
      March 24, 2015    

      Hi There is no record of a hall booking or entry in the events calendar . Please be aware the hall booking calendar and events calendar are 2 separate things. This is so private parties funeral etc do not get advertised on the site.
      I tested both sections last night with a basic subscriber account and found no problems. I suggest you try again and if you have any problems please let me know as all comments are helpful in improving the user experience.

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